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Beaches in Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Southern Florida

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Think southern Florida and you must think beaches. This is a prime winter and summer destination for tourists from around the country, as well as around the world. One would expect such adestinationto offer some of the best beaches in the world, and south Florida meets the challenge. Whether you're visiting the Atlantic Ocean beaches around Miami, or dipping into the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, you will enjoy some of the best sand and surf to be found in the continental United States.

Southern Florida's Atlantic Coast Beaches

The Atlantic Coast Beaches extend from West Palm Beach in the north, down to Miami Beach in the south.
This is a very densely populated and tourist heavy area where much of the sand borders exciting urban areas. Take South Beach in Miami, for example, where “hot! hot! hot!” doesn't just describe the temperature. This beach is the place to be, both day and night. So even if you don't fish, dive, snorkel, surf, or even sunbathe, you'll love watching those who do before heading over to the adjoining streets for some great dining and evening activities.

Another great urban beach setting, Fort Lauderdale Beach, first became famous years ago as the perfect spot for college students to let off steam during spring break. Among the attractions along the seven miles of sand and vibrant urban setting are kite skiing, sailing, water skiing, fishing, and diving.

There are also state parks in this area for people looking for a more pure beach setting. Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne is one such example. Set inside a park with a wildlife preserve, you'll find a three mile stretch of very wide beaches. There's jogging and biking along the promenade, and some folks will be barbequing beneath palm trees in designated areas just off the sand. For everyone else, there's great sun, great sand and great water.

Southern Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches

Fans of the Gulf Coast Beaches are rightly biased in favor of their beaches and point to three great advantages over the Atlantic Coast. First, the beaches are as beautiful but less crowded. Secondly, the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico is much more user friendly than the chilly waters of the Atlantic. And finally, the sunsets over the water. Fort Myers Beach provides an excellent example of what to expect of these beaches. Think of a place that's family friendly, where you can walk along the shore or dive into the water. Fishing is a favorite pastime, as is watching the sunset while holding your honey's hand.

For a more private experience, you'll want to visit Cayo Costa State Park Beach. Both remote and scenic, it is only accessible by ferry; a fact that will please many campers..

Florida Keys' Beaches

Finally, there are the legendary Florida Keys where you can fish in the same waters as “Papa” Hemingway and gaze out towards nearby Cuba. You could also take a boat or fly out to the tip at Key West, but you'll probably prefer to make the unique drive out along U.S. 1, which is one lane in each direction. The going is slow but the scenery delicious, with water flowing all around you. Three great beaches you'll want to check out here are Key Largo Beach, Bahia Honda State Park Beach, and Smathers Beach in Key West. At this point, you're on the outer edge of the USA. Act like it.

Beaches in Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Boca Raton and Southern Florida

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