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New Orleans, Louisiana Getaways, Biloxi, Mississippi, Alabama Tourist Attractions

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Alabama and Louisiana Getaways

Help speed up the Hurricane Katrina recovery process by visiting this unique region. The music (jazz, blues, and zydeco) is still played and the Creole and Cajun cuisine is still among the best offered in the U.S.

The French influence and the legacy of the Deep South are felt outside New Orleans, especially in what is known as Bayou country, which you may pass through on a New Orleans to Houston roadtrip. Head out to Lafayette in Cajun Country for some authentic crawfish etouffee and a romp through the swamp.
Also, to complete your varied, well-rounded look at the history of New Orleans and its surrounding areas, consider a guided tour of some Old South plantations, a trip to Honey Island Swamp, a tour of historic New Orleans, and a visit to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and Museum of the American Cocktail.

Make sure you save some time to explore the rich, white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast—some of these Mississippi and Alabama beaches are some of the best in the country and serve as fantastic year-round getaways.

By the way - Biloxi, Alabama and Biloxi, Louisiana do not exist on any GPS. Same for Mobile, Mississippi and Mobile, Louisiana. Those cities are in Mississippi and Alabama, respectively. Don't tell the locals you were confused. Get a good map of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

New Orleans Tourist Attractions

Seductive, exotic, magical, and strong—here are four words that have been used to describe the city of New Orleans for decades. The flavors, the attitudes, the architecture, and now, after the devastating 2005 Hurricane Katrina, that heroic triumphant spirit, are all elements that make New Orleans an incredibly attractive vacation spot.

It is true that Hurricane Katrina forever changed the face of this once-much-more-vibrant city. It is true that certain landmarks and tourist attractions have been forever altered, or, in some cases, destroyed altogether. But what is also true, is that New Orleans has survived. It has survived and it is conquering the situation head-on. Many people ask if it's still worth it to visit this city. And we will always respond with a resounding, "Yes!"

You should pack your bags and head to this magnificent city where the spirit of the people have kept the music, art, food, culture, and liveliness alive, despite tragedy. You should go to become a part of the rebuilding of one of America's greatest cities.

And more importantly, you should go to New Orleans because there is still a whole lot of fun to be had by all! Even a natural disaster as large as Katrina doesn't have the power to get rid of Mardi Gras!

Biloxi, Mississippi Tourist Attractions

There are a few main attractions you won't want to miss when traveling in Mississippi. The first, a favorite among locals and visitors is Biloxi Beach, a large, clean, family-friendly beach on the Gulf of Mexico. You'll have no trouble finding large hotels, fine dining establishments, great shopping opportunities, and even some Vegas-style casinos on the Biloxi shores. Heading to Biloxi Beach will also put you in a prime location if you want to do a bit of state-to-state hopping back and forth: the beach is just a short distance from Alabama and the Florida Panhandle!

Another popular and rather important tourist attraction in Mississippi is the small town of Natchez. This historic antebellum town has more historic sites and historic homes than do most cities in the U.S. There are also fun riverboat rides and casinos to keep you busy during your Mississippi getaway.

Other vacation hotspots include small town hamlets like Woodville and Auburn, two small towns that are located just by the Homochitto National Forest.

Mobile, Alabama Tourist Attractions

People think of New Orleans as the home of Mardi Gras; but did you know that the country's oldest Mardi Gras celebration took place in Mobile, Alabama? It's the home of the big party and it continues to host large Mardi Gras celebrations. It's also Alabama's only saltwater port and the cruise port for Carnival Cruises, which means you can embark on a five or six day cruise from this small Alabama town. There are a few nice museums among the Mobile, Alabama tourist attractions and some great shopping and fishing in nearby Fairhope, Alabama.

New Orleans, Louisiana Vacation Spots

Take 2-3 days to see the New Orleans, Louisiana vacation spots and about a week for the rest of the region. Do not miss the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coat, voted some of the best in the country. Check for updates on the Hurricane Katrina recovery process, as many attractions remain closed.

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Tourist Attractions and Highlights in New Orleans, Louisiana, Biloxi, Mississippi, Alabama

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