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Fun and Interesting Facts about Houston, Texas, Austin, San Antonio, Fun Facts

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Texas Fun Facts

  • Texas is the only state to have had six national flags fly over its soil: those of Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States.
  • The privately-owned King Ranch, near Corpus Christi, is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island.
  • More wool comes from Texas than any other state.
  • Texas was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845 and is the only state to have entered the Union by treaty.
  • All the lakes in Texas are man-made other than Caddo Lake, on the Louisiana border.
  • The name Texas comes from the Hasinai Indians. The word means “allies” or “friends.”

Austin Fun Facts

  • Austin, the capital city of Texas, was once the capital city of the Republic of Texas from 1840 to 1842, making it one of the few cities in the country to be both a country capital and a city capital. (Richmond, Virginia, once the capital of the Confederacy is another.)
  • Into live music? Well Austin, the music capital of the world, is the place for you with over 100 live music venues!
  • Austin's Capitol building is seven feet higher than Washington, DC's Capitol…and it's pink!
  • The Congress Bridge in Austin is home to the largest bat colony in a North American city.

Houston Fun Facts

  • You can visit the nation's first domed stadium in Houston.
  • You go girl! The Houston Comets go down in WNBA history for being the only U.S. team to ever win four back-to-back championships!
  • "Houston" was the first word heard from the moon on that historical day on July 20, 1969.
  • Strange but true: It is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sundays in Houston.
  • Some fun family history: Sam Houston, founder of Houston, was childhood friends with Will Rogers' father and uncle. Sam Houston ended marrying the Rogers' Indian half sister, Will's half-aunt.
  • Houston residents eat out more than residents in other U.S. cities. And why shouldn't they with over 11,000 restaurants?