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Utah Fun Facts, Interesting and Fun Facts about Salt Lake City, Park City

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Utah Fun Facts

  • Scenes of Aspen Grove and Sundance (Robert Redford's resort) were shot for Redford's film “A River Runs Through It” using the Heber Valley Railroad's Number 75 steam engine.
  • Vernal, Utah has an interesting claim to fame: The Bank of Vernal, built in 1919, is the world's only bank constructed from bricks sent by post. When Vernal bricklayers shopped around, they found out that shipping bricks via the U.S. Postal System was far cheaper than transporting them from Salt Lake City.
  • Several northern Utah towns have outdated (and rather strange) laws still on the books. For instance, it is illegal to enter a Kaysville convenience store after dark without identification; women may not swear in Logan; throwing a snowball in Provo will incur a $50 fine; and in Salt Lake City, it is illegal to walk down the street carrying a violin concealed in a paper bag.

Salt Lake City Fun Facts

  • The average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches (over 40 feet!) - that is nearly five times the average snowfall of Juneau, Alaska.
  • Many episodes of the popular television series “Touched by an Angel” were partially filmed in Salt Lake City.

Interesting Facts about Salt Lake

  • In 1875, with the intention of creating a money-making tourist attraction, James Wickham decided to bring whales to Great Salt Lake. He had two 35-foot Australian whales shipped to Great Salt Lake (by boat to San Francisco and then by rail to Salt Lake City) wherein he released them. Off they swam, never to be seen again! Though there have been several alleged whale sightings, scientists believe that they could not have survived the lake's high salt content.