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Adirondacks, NY Getaways, Lake Placid, Lake George Vacation Spots

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Adirondacks, NY Vacation Spots

Much of the Adirondack region has been designated by law as "forever wild," with hiking, climbing, fishing, boating, and winter activities available. Lodging options range from exclusive and historic resorts to basic backcountry inns. Popular summer leisure destinations include the Thousand Islands and Lake George.

The Adirondack Mountain region is vast and includes vacation spots that appeal to all sorts of travelers. There's hiking for the nature lovers, skiers for the extreme sports fans, swimming and biking for active travelers, and shopping, eating, boating, and clubbing for everyone in between.

Thousand Islands is a prime vacation spot in the region as well as the namesake to the creamy pinkish-orange salad dressing. The more than 2,000 islands are located on the St. Lawrence River and range in size from teeny tiny to large enough to host a small residential neighborhood. The islands of Thousand Islands have been popular amongst wealthy tourists wince the 1800s.

Lake George Vacation Spots

Sapphire waters, indigo skies, emerald fauna, and list as long as the 32-mile-long Lake George of tourist attractions—welcome to vacation paradise! Couples on romantic retreats, families with an active edge, or singles looking to party and relax all flock to the shores of the beautiful Lake George, the "gem of the Adirondack Mountains," the perfect go-to place to seek refuge from city life.

Rent a canoe and travel down the meandering streams. If the weather is nice, jump out and bathe in the warm sun and the crystal clear waters. Park by the shore and picnic at the foot of grand mountains. And then hike through lush forests until dusk. Return to your quaint bed & breakfast in a local country town and sip hot cocoa by the crackling fire. No other vacation spot on the east coast will so definitively fulfill your desire for peace and quiet, activity, relaxation, and beauty than northern New York's Lake George.

Lake George Tourist Attractions

There's more to do at Lake George than simply enjoying the nature around you—though you should set aside plenty of time for doing just that. Fishermen, divers, jet skiers, and parasailers all flock to waters of Lake George to work on their hobbies and skills. Divers in particular love Lake George's Submerged Heritage Preserves where they can dive down and explore the sunken battleships from the French and Indian War. Other fleets also rest down at the bottom of the lake. Of course those interested in sea life, vegetation and geology will also appreciate the Lake George diving experience.

Lake George has a rich military history, as is evidenced by the underwater and above ground ships and battlefields. Check out the Lake George Battlefield Park behind Fort William Henry for a taste of 18th century military history.

Lake Placid, New York Tourist Attractions

Lake Placid is well known as the hosting city of the 1932 and 1980 winter Olympics. Today, you can visit the Olympics museum and—a bit more exciting—go on a bobsled ride.

Lake Placid is, as the name implies, a placid place. The pace is slow and laid back, the people are friendly, and located in the Adirondack Mountains, the scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. Whether you're taking a stroll down the quaint Main Street, enjoying a swim in the chilly Adirondack lakes, or climbing up or skiing down the endless selection of mountains, you're sure to have one attitude towards your surroundings and one attitude only: awe.

In the winter you can choose to go skiing (downhill or cross-country), ice climbing, or ice skating, and in the summer you'll have access to rugged mountain biking, canoe and kayak excursions, and leisurely hikes. Year-round you'll have no shortage of outdoor tourist attractions and no shortage of fun!

Lake George, NY Road Trip Getaway Planner

A weeklong car trip should suffice to cover the region's complex landscape, which ranges from mountains to waterways. Spending part of the time in a resort is a great way to take a break from the long drives. Take advantage of the fresh mountain air, the relaxing spas, and the beautiful scenery.

If you are an especially ambitious city dweller, you can probably do a New York to Lake George road trip over a long weekend. If you plan on getting out in the wilderness, grab a detailed map of the Adirondack area from the local outfitters.

And, by the way – the name Adirondack is a Mohawk Indian insult. Try not to insult it further by spelling it incorrectly, for example – Adirondak.

Tourist Attractions and Highlights in Lake Placid, Lake George and Northern New York

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