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Florida Panhandle Vacation Spots

White sand beaches, the hardwood forest, the Spanish colonists, Native Americans, and Southern plantations were here long before Disney and sun-seeking vacationers came to Florida. There is plenty here for visitors to see, with beaches ranging from undeveloped to spring-break popular, swamps and savannas of the "Florida Outback," and restored 16th-century settlements with a distinctly European feel.

The varied flavors and terrains make the Florida Panhandle an excellent vacation spot for families, couples, and singles of all ages.

The Florida Panhandle is divided into three geographic areas: East, Central, and Western.
The eastern part of the Panhandle includes Florida's capital city, Tallahassee; the central Panhandle is considered the more upscale region. It's the western portion of the Panhandle that attracts the most visitors. This area includes many military bases and nice towns like Destin, Pensacola, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, each offering tourists with great beach towns and a gorgeous Gulf experience!

Jacksonville Tourist Attractions

Jacksonville is a busy city in northeast Florida well known for being the capital of investment banking. Don't worry, though, we won't be sending you to banks during your vacation; when it comes to tourist attractions in Jacksonville, it does get more exciting than investing! For example, Jacksonville is loaded with museums, zoos, children's attractions, beaches, malls, and a great downtown area. In Jacksonville you'll find plenty of places to picnic or to walk around, like Southbank Riverwalk or Jacksonville Landing.

Just north of Jacksonville you'll find two other beach towns that are worth a visit: Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. These two areas provide quaint, quiet getaways during the off-season and a bustling beach scene during high season—either way, both are guaranteed to hit the spot when it comes to ensuring a fun beach vacation.

South of Jacksonville lies the colonial Spanish city, St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the oldest European city in the United States. It is well preserved in its old Spanish style and offers Florida tourists with a slightly different, older, more authentic taste of Old Florida. And since it's located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, you can bet that it is close to fantastic beaches in addition to its rich history!

Pensacola Vacation Spots

Speaking of history, Pensacola is known as the history lover's vacation spot in Florida. With a naval museum, an opportunity to sit in fighter jets and more than a few Civil War sites, this beautiful town is great for adding a historical spin to your family vacation. Take a bus tour of historic homes and sites or take a tour of some of the museums and their always-changing historic exhibits. The Civil War Soldier's Museum is not to be missed. Of course, the list of non-history related attractions is even longer and visitors to the Pensacola area should make sure to indulge in the beaches, water parks, museums, golf courses, zoos, and other family-friendly activities around.

Pensacola's downtown area offers great food, bars, and clubs, plus plenty of entertainment, especially in Seville Quarter, a New Orleans-style area of brick buildings and iron balconies, and tons of jazz and flavor.

And with 52 miles of sparkly-white beaches, you'll really have no trouble filling your Pensacola vacation itineraries.

Daytona Beach Tourist Attractions

Daytona Beach natives proudly proclaim that Daytona Beach is the "World's Most Famous Beach." Now whether that's true or not is up for discussion, but what's clear is that Daytona Beach is certainly ONE OF the world's best beaches. This beach town is a mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts, spring break college students, and families with kids of all ages.

The hub of Daytona Beach activity is out on Main Street Pier. Plan your trip right and you may see some sea turtles nesting below!

Tourist attractions at Daytona Beach that you won't want to miss include the car races (the Daytona 500 and the Pepsi 400), Daytona USA (another motorist attraction), and the Daytona International Speedway—do you see a theme here? Malls, beaches, and parks are also well visited spots in Daytona Beach.

Florida Panhandle Road Trip Getaway Planner

Enhance your Florida experience by spending a few days in this area rather than just passing through on the way to or from points north, south, and west. For a different Florida experience, armed with a nice map of the Florida Panhandle, plan a Daytona Beach to Pensacola road trip.

Tourist Attractions and Highlights in Jacksonville, Destin, Daytona, Pensacola, Northeast FL

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