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Cool and Fun Things to Do in Jacksonville, Destin, Daytona Beach, Pensacola, Panhandle

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Fun Things to Do in Jacksonville

A fun thing to do in Jacksonville is to spend an evening exploring the Jacksonville Landing. It'll be a pleasure party for all your senses: Your taste buds with delight in the various restaurants and eateries, your ears can enjoy live music, you'll smell the fresh outdoor air and wafting of international foods, and you'll feel different fabrics as you shop through the large complex. And your eyes will have to work to take in the whole experience. Located on the water, some liken the Jacksonville Landing to New York City's South Street Seaport.

You'll find the city of Gainesville just about an hour and a half from Jacksonville.
Gainesville may be an inland city, but one fun thing you can do there is just as water-related as any activity on the coast: There are several natural springs in and around the city, and a favorite pastime of the locals, including the college students, is to inner tube down them. Be warned that the water of these springs is cool, emerging to the surface from extraordinary depths. One great place to go tubing is on the Ichetucknee River. There are places in the area where you can rent inner tubes.

Fun Things to Do in Destin

Destin is your destination not just water activities, as most people think, but for out-of-this-world land activities as well. Biking, horseback riding, skateboarding, and skating are all popular ways of moving away from the beach and into the other areas that Destin has to offer. Go for a bike ride through Point Washington State Forest and then explore the area's sea-side towns. You can go horseback riding along the beach or in any of the area's state parks or forests, not to mention go all out with a horse and buggy ride.

Fun Things to Do in Daytona Beach

Looking for something fun to do in Daytona Beach? Well you don't need to look too far. For starters, there's the beach, and there's always a party on Daytona Beach. But there are other fun things as well. Take a tour of the Daytona International Speedway, the world-famous race park. Or you can do like the locals do and visit the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market, one of the largest of its kind in the world!

Fun Things to Do in Pensacola

Sure you can find some hiking trails in the area to keep you busy, but in Pensacola it would be shame to miss out on the unique canoe trails. There are short 7-mile canoe trails and longer trails of 30 miles or more that take canoe-ers through the rivers of state parks and rivers, past fantastic animal life, bird life, and scenery. You'll also probably find cyclists, hikers, and families picnicking as you meander through the parks.

Fun Attractions in Jacksonville, Destin, Daytona Beach, Pensacola, St. Augustine, Northeast Florida

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