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Romantic Florida Getaways

Whether you're planning a honeymoon, an anniversary, a weekend getaway to rekindle the flame, or just to impress that special someone, northeast Florida and the Panhandle is the perfect setting for a romantic vacation. This is a region famous for its Southern hospitality, for the long stretches of beautiful uninterrupted white-sand beaches. The picturesque Spanish architecture of St. Augustine provides for the perfect city stroll, while the canopied roads around Tallahassee are perfect for a romantic drive in the country.

Florida Panhandle Romantic Hotels

Most romantic trips are only as good as the accommodations.
Your lodging of choice in northeastern Florida and the Panhandle should be the bed and breakfast (B&B). The region got built up in its first incarnation at a time when the Victorian- and Queen Anne-styles of architecture were on the ascent; so wherever you are, Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Tallahassee, or the Emerald Coast, you won't lack for romantic premises at which to stay.

On Amelia Island, for example, you'll find the selection of B&Bs within Fernandina Beach, a charming Southern island city. Surprise youre loved one with a night or two at Bailey House, one of the most photographed Victorian homes in the South. So if you're looking for a Florida honeymoon, Fernandina Beach may be just the place.

Romantic Pensacola Getaways

In the two bookend cities of St. Augustine and Pensacola, you can stay at B&Bs with an old Spanish flair. Casa de la Paz in St. Augustine, for example, has been cited as the most romantic in the U.S., with its Spanish-style garden and the sensuous ocean breeze blowing through. In Pensacola, while none of the B&Bs are Spanish in origin, the quaintness of the Historical District will sweep you off your feet.

Romantic Restaurants in Jacksonville

If where you stay sets your trip's mood, where and what you eat will give it the perfect flavor. Once you've arrived at your weekend or weeklong castle, you have a choice between two types of cuisine. Ask for your partner's input on whether to go for the tasty international-style restaurants, or for one of the region's catches: succulent, tasty grouper, swordfish, and bass. You can find fine restaurants offering romantic dinners in all the aforementioned cities, while there's a concentration of both styles in Jacksonville and the Emerald Coast.

Romantic Things to Do in the Florida Panhandle

Shall we tempt you by describing the romance potential along the beaches? The beaches along the Emerald Coast are repeatedly and from varying quarters considered some of the best in the world, with white sands and emerald-green waters. They're relatively straight, running for miles and miles, and you have a virtual requirement sometime in your life to walk these, at sunset, at least once, with your loved one.

Romantic Getaway in Daytona Beach

More lovely beaches: On Amelia Island the beaches are almost as long as they are deserted, and you can find iridescent and delicate shells to express the state of your love. Daytona's beaches, from Flagler Beach to New Smyrna Beach, are some of the longest in the world. With the legendary hard-packed sand, how could you not walk them with someone you love?

So you've placed your belongings in your dream room, and you've just finished a candlelit dinner plus dessert in sight of the shore. Go out and peruse the bars and clubs, especially those along the Emerald Coast; you're bound to find some offering the perfect ambiance for your romantic needs.

Whether you wake up with the sunrise or at a more relaxed 10:00 a.m., there are plenty of romantic excursions and daytime activities in northeast Florida and the Panhandle. Go sailing on a yacht, on the Atlantic Ocean from the Nature Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico from the Emerald Coast, or up the St. Johns River from Jacksonville. You might see dolphins, which always add a romantic touch to a water ride, and along the St. Johns, you can point out the manatees.

Romantic St. Augustine Getaways

In St. Augustine, you can wander the streets admiring the beautiful Spanish architecture. Stroll down the worn cobblestone lanes, and make sure you give the Plaza de la Constitución a look, as it's filled with a church, a cathedral, and grand old government buildings. The feel is distinctly Mediterranean, like a venerable fishing village near Marseille. What an idea for a romantic getaway!

Florida's capital city, Tallahassee, also boasts a walkable downtown. Calhoun Street is lined with edifices built by the city's gentry no later than 100 years ago. Traveling outside the city, though, the Canopy Roads are simply gorgeous. Spanish moss transforms the pine- and live oak-crowded roads into virtual tunnels of luscious green and caramel brown. Admire the grand antebellum cotton plantations, and be awed by the remains of old Spanish missions. These roads are relatively secluded and seductive, so they're just right for that romantic daytrip.

Northeast Florida and the Panhandle contains a number of hotspots for the passionate and the young at heart. Your scene may be the quiet beauty of Fernandina Beach, the grand Old World beauty of St. Augustine, the Southern charm of Tallahassee, or the pristine artistry of sunsets and white sands on the Emerald Coast. They're all here, just waiting to set the tone for your carefree, romantic getaway. Our advice: Let them.

Romantic Vacation Ideas in Jacksonville, Destin, Daytona Beach, Pensacola, St. Augustine, Northeast Florida

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