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Spas in Manhattan and New York City

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There are three things you'll find at spas in New York City: Glamour, a refuge from city life, and relaxation!

Spas in New York City are nice…very nice. In the Big Apple, you're much more likely to find a spa nestled inside a fancy hotel than tacked on to the end of a strip mall. It's where luxury meets relaxation, and where you'll walk out not only feeling rejuvenated, but feeling glamorous, like a star. And at places like the Four Seasons, the Peninsula Hotel, the Trump International Hotel, and the Mandarin Oriental Spa, there's a good chance you'll even bump into a star or two.
Be prepared though, glamour comes with a high price tag, and these New York City spas are not cheap!

The next thing you'll notice as you step into your spa robe and sip a cup of cucumber water, is quiet. While you may be in one of the noisiest and busiest cities in the world, inside the New York City spa, you're able to forget the honking and movement outside. Think of it as a refuge from New York City without actually leaving the city. In a city that causes stress, there's no better way to combat that stress than with a visit to one of its exclusive spas.

Last but not least, what you'll find in New York City's spas is relaxation. Check out the Liquid Gold Body Wrap at the Tower Spa at the Trump International Hotel and the Mimosa Mineral Wrap at the Four Seasons Hotel & Spa. Go for a swim in the glassed-in pool at the Peninsula Hotel & Spa, complete with gorgeous views of the New York skyline, and get in touch with your Eastern side with an Ayurvedic Ama-Releasing Abhyanga treatment at the Mandarin Oriental Spa.

Most spas in the Big Apple include state-of-the-art fitness centers, so you can work out during your glamorous refuge from bustling city life below!

Spas in Manhattan and New York City

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