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New Hampshire & Vermont Tourist Attractions

Almost every road in this area is described as "scenic." The area is the most popular destination in the world for enjoying fall foliage as well as the East Coast's premier ski destination. The rural landscape and the independent spirit and history of the people have produced many villages worth visiting. Nature activities are plentiful and accessible.

New Hampshire Getaways

The White Mountains serve as the launch point for most New Hampshire getaways; few people would travel to New Hampshire if their trip did not then include at least one outing into the White Mountain wonderland.

Mount Washington, located north of the quaint village Jackson (also worth a visit), is perhaps the most popular of the New Hampshire peaks. It's so popular, in fact, that visitors get four options for reaching the peak—by car, guided vans, cog railroad, or by foot. When you get to the top, stop by the gift shop and buy an "I climbed Mt. Washington" pin—don't worry, the cashier won't ask if you walked or took the train.

If you'd like to add a less-commercial mountain and valley ares to your getaway itinerary, consider visiting the area around Crawford Notch—the state park around the area is lovely, rugged, and fun to explore.

Of course there's more than just hiking in this little, compact state. For example, you'll have no trouble finding both secluded and family-friendly, activity-filled beaches on the Atlantic coast, large shopping malls all over the state, spas, museums, historic sites and battlefields, and interesting local farms that sell all sorts of yummy fare, from cheese, to apple cider, to maple syrup—you'll find plenty of similar farms in Vermont as well.

Vermont Getaways

Vermont combines the best of the rural northeast with booming, trendy college towns. Your ideal getaway would include both. Whereas New Hampshire showcases the White Mountains, Vermont hosts the rolling Green Mountains as its activity-filled backdrop. The Green Mountains are beautiful and perfect for hiking.

Some Vermont getaway highlights: Visit the quaint town of Arlington and learn about the life and works of illustrator Norman Rockwell; go snowshoeing in the southern Green Mountains and then warm up in an Early American-style clapboard inn; or go antiquing at the more than 20 antique shops found around Route 30 and at the Newfane Flea Market.

Last but not least, plan for a stop by the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury, Vermont. For ice cream lovers of all ages, this tour will become the highlight of any New England trip. You'll get to see the factory in action, taste flavors fresh off the belts, and order any (or all) B&J flavors at the onsite scoop shop.

Rutland, Killington & Burlington Getaways

Killington and Rutland are prime New England ski spots numbers one and two. Killington is the highest ski peak in the area and rests just below Vermont's second highest mountain peak. You'll have no trouble finding the slope that's right for you, the hotel or lodge that best suits your style and needs, and great places to eat and shop in each of the areas.

The two ski areas are just two of a nearly endless number of spots to choose from. Vermont skiing is the best on the east coast, and is some of the best in the world.

Burlington, Vermont is another popular getaway spot. Its ideal location offers guests with stunning views of the nearby mountains and Lake Champlain. The nearby mountains and lake also give visitors with a never-ending list of outdoor activities, from hiking and skiing, to fishing and swimming. The town of Burlington is quite nice as well, particularly Church Street Marketplace, an area that spans four blocks and is filled to the brim with historic buildings and shops, nice restaurants and more than 100 retail shops. The Marketplace is a fantastic place to stroll around on a nice day.

New Hampshire & Vermont Road Trip Getaway Planner

Take a long weekend in one area, and try another on a different weekend. Alternatively, take a 1-2 week trip to explore the contrasting areas. You will not be alone, as this is a very popular destination. Explore the small towns, so get a good map of New Hampshire and Vermont and leave the few interstate highways behind.

Although the small states of New Hampshire and Vermont can fit comfortably in a single Alaskan National Park, don't confuse what goes where. If you look for Burlington, New Hampshire or Rutland, New Hampshire, you will run into trouble - both are in Vermont. And worth a visit.

Tourist Attractions and Highlights in Burlington, Stowe, Rutland, New Hampshire and Vermont

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