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Hotels in Burlington, Stowe, Rutland, New Hampshire and Vermont

Resort and Lodging Guide

There are a broad range of accommodations options in the New Hampshire and Vermont region to suit every visitor's preference and pocketbook. From beautiful, majestic country inn estates to more modest family motels to youth hostels, there is a place for every visitor to rest his or her head.

The region specializes in cozy, locally-owned bed and breakfast establishments (B&Bs) and historic inns that set it apart from other areas of the United States. In addition to B&Bs and local inns, there are also cabins, camping and RV parks, hotels, and motels available, depending on where you're staying in the region. And of course, there are the delightful ski lodges for those wintertime getaways.

Ski Lodges in New Hampshire and Vermont

Ski lodges present some of the more popular accommodation choices for people who visit New Hampshire and Vermont in the winter. Almost always located near downhill runs and/or cross-country trails, these establishments are usually tailored primarily to skiers and cater to all their needs accordingly. Typically equipped with features such as equipment purchase and storage facilities, ski lodges will often offer courses for beginners as well as other support services. While prices are at their peak, pun intended, during the winter, the lodges are almost always open during the rest of the year too, when other outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and alpine sliding, are available.

One of the most famous such lodges is the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. This 116-room resort is named for the family who many became familiar with in Disney's 1965 feature film “The Sound of Music.” Having fled from the Nazis in their native Austria, the Von Trapps settled in Stowe, which reminded them of their Alpine home. The appropriately-Austrian-style lodge features excellent facilities and offers many recreational activities both in the winter and in other seasons.
While a very expensive place to stay, this lodge is irresistible if you want an experience where the hills are alive.

Hotels in New Hampshire and Vermont

Some hotels in New Hampshire and Vermont stand out for offering activities reflective of the region's culture. Fort instance, you can enroll in a two-day cooking seminar at the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. And if that's not exceptional enough, the centuries-old Equinox in Manchester Village, Vermont, offers courses in falconry and archery. Both of these establishments are known far and wide for being grand resort destinations. Boasting a history of having been vacation spots for the well-to-do since the early 1900s, both the Balsams and the Equinox strive to and succeed in maintaining the level of luxury offered to high-end tourists in the past. The few hundred dollars a night you'll have to shell out to rent a room at either hotel will be well spent, as spa and massage facilities as well as plenty of other amenities are available to make your stay relaxing, enjoyable, and stress-free.

If you don't feel like spending that much, many other fine hotel establishments are available in the major cities of New Hampshire and Vermont, from Portsmouth and Hanover to Rutland and Burlington, where rates usually start at about $90-$100 a night, and rooms are comparable to those in many other major U.S. cities. Generally prices tend to be higher in the summer and fall, when more people come to the region to see the superb greenery and foliage. Within the major cities, hotels can generally be found in the downtown areas, centrally-located with regard to the city's major attractions. In Portsmouth, for instance, many hotels are located on or near the Atlantic Ocean coastline, where the majority of the city's activity takes place.

Bed and Breakfast Establishments in New Hampshire and Vermont

By far, the most popular choices for where to stay in the region are the hundreds of B&Bs and historic inns dotted around both states. Offering the best in country-style hospitality, among the typical features of these establishments are beautifully-appointed guest rooms full of antique furniture, private full bathrooms, and traditional breakfast meals almost always served with a smile. Additional facilities may include dinner service, a swimming pool, gardens, or taverns, depending on the establishment.

Often located around or amidst stunning scenery, New Hampshire and Vermont's B&Bs are perfect for romantic getaways, for getting in touch with nature, and for getting a better appreciation of the region's local flavor (and maple syrup!). Stowe, Vermont's Blair Manor, and Epping, New Hampshire's Plumercrest, two comfortable and homey B&Bs, are good examples of some of the many Victorian and Italianate architecturally-styled accommodations available in the region.

Historic Country Inns in New Hampshire and Vermont

Historic inns in New Hampshire and Vermont often date back to colonial times. When you stay at a pleasant country inn in either state you'll often find the accommodations cozy and comfortable, and the innkeepers warm and hospitable. Often built in the Victorian architectural style, these country inns will give you a sense of New Hampshire and Vermont's history and a bit of the flavor of the region a couple hundred years ago. Such inns are easy to come by and can be found in most cities and towns throughout the region.

If you want to stay in an inn formerly patronized by celebrities and world leaders, then book a room at the Four Columns Inn in Newfane, Vermont. In the past, the inn has served such distinguished personalities as Paul Newman, Nicole Kidman, and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. And you can't get more historical than the Hancock Inn in Hancock, New Hampshire. This is none other than the oldest inn in the state, in continuous operation since 1789, the first year of George Washington's presidency!

Motels in New Hampshire and Vermont

Among the more affordable lodging options in the region are the chain motels. These establishments can typically be found along the major highways near larger cities like Burlington and Rutland in Vermont, and Hanover and Portsmouth in New Hampshire, like I-89 and I-91. Offering clean, comfortable, and modern facilities at prices more affordable than hotels, lodging at a motel is often worth the short drives you'll have to take to get into town.

Camping in New Hampshire and Vermont

If your itinerary takes you through the White Mountains of New Hampshire or the Green Mountains of Vermont, you might consider camping out nearby. There are dozens of campsites scattered around both mountain ranges where, typically, for under $20 you can shack up for the evening and have the basic facilities of a warm shower and restrooms. Worth noting is that some sites, such as the huts belonging to the Appalachian Mountain Club, offer extra amenities of stacked bunks and meals for an additional fee.

Hotels, Motels and Resorts in Burlington, Stowe, Rutland and the New Hampshire and Vermont mountains

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