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In general, the Missouri and Arkansas region has very fickle weather, meaning that temperatures and air conditions might suddenly swing one way or another from one day to the next. One reason for this fickleness is the influences that nearby areas have on this region's weather patterns. You're best bet for pleasant travel conditions is the fall, when visitors are usually treated to comfortable, dry weather and spectacular foliage to boot!

Winter generally features moderately cold temperatures and some snowfall. It might, however, suddenly get much cooler due to polar air flows from the north. The brief spring enjoys warm, pleasant weather, and brings with it the region's main rainy season.
Summers in Missouri and Arkansas are hot and humid due to warm air inflow from the Gulf of Mexico, with continued rain until August. The temperatures decrease noticeably in the fall, however, along with the dampness of the air.

Kansas City, St. Louis, Branson and the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas

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