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Places to Visit in Maine - Portland, Bangor, Acadia, Bar Harbor

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Portland is the largest city on the Maine Coast (and in fact, in the entire state) and can be found on a peninsula just at the mouth of the Fore River, where it runs into Casco Bay. Portland is just a two-hour ride by car from Boston, Massachusetts and is located just a few minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches and rocky landscapes of Maine coastline. Visitors will see plenty of picturesque lobster boats and sailboats dotting the city's romantic harbor. Hear the booming foghorns issuing forth their haunting tunes and see lighthouses in their ever-vigilant watch over the more than 365 Calendar Islands of Casco Bay.


Located in picturesque Penobscot County, in the Acadian region of the Maine Coast, Bangor is a city on the rise. Many of the region's sights and attractions are within reach from this former lumber capital. Visitors can take a stroll along the Kenduskeag Stream, browse numerous shops, dine on excellent cuisine, or even walk in the footsteps of horror author Stephen King, who still calls Bangor home.

Machias Bay

This spunky little township on the Sunrise Coast offers more than might first meet the eye. Great restaurants, shops, art galleries, a university, blueberry festivals, and plenty of historical sites await those who delve a bit deeper upon arrival. Machias Bay got its name from the Micmac Indians - Machias literally means “bad little falls” due to the picturesque but still dangerous falls located in the middle of town.

The Kennebunks

This noteworthy collection of townships was made famous by President George H.W. Bush and family. However, while visitors may come to the area to sneak a peek at the famous family, once here, they also discover great beaches, bed and breakfast establishments, interesting shops, great restaurants, and a host of outdoors activities. The towns that comprise the Kennebunks are Cape Porpoise, Kennebunkport, Goose Rocks Beach, and Kennebunk.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor, often pronounced “Baah Haba” in Maine-ese, is located in the heart of “Downeast.” At one time, Bar Harbor was a small fishing and ship-building community. Today, though, it is among the top Maine Coast vacation destinations. Full of great lodging options, restaurants, interesting museums, art galleries, and historical sites, Bar Harbor keeps its visitors hopping. Acadia National Park is smack dab in Bar Harbor's backyard, bringing a wealth of tourism opportunities to its guests. Bar Harbor offers all the luxury and comfort expected of a classic vacation retreat, with the added bonus of showcasing spectacular beauty for those who enjoy spending their time in the great outdoors.


Much like squabbling siblings, the towns of Camden and Rockport, while separate, are forever linked. When it comes to hosting visitors, however, the rivalry is put aside, as both offer fantastic scenery and as quintessential a “Maine Coast experience” as you will find. New England-style architecture, scenic fishing harbors, lobster and seafood houses, art galleries, and the ever-popular bed and breakfast establishments are all available for the taking.


Situated on Penobscot Bay, the picturesque city of Rockland has greatly benefited from a unique blend of geography and economics. Beauty and practicality are its hallmarks, and fun activities, comfortable lodging, and enjoyable dining are its calling cards. Close to 8,000 residents enjoy life on Maine's Midcoast. Renowned for its beautiful rocky shore, visitors can explore hundreds of inlets and harbors, allowing for some of the best sailing and boating waters anywhere. Straight out of a postcard, Rockland sports a mile-long granite breakwater that guards Rockland Harbor and Rockland Lighthouse, creating one of the top recreational and shipping and boating harbors anywhere on the East Coast. Historic Main Street is the center of Rockland's shopping, dining, and unique lodging options. Day trips can be taken in almost any direction and there are museums to check out for those bad-weather days.


The area around Ogunquit has been serving visitors for centuries. Streets are lined with great shops, and there's a quaint trolley to take you from place to place. A 3½-mile-long white sand beach and the Marginal Way footpath are definite musts for any visitor to this area. There are also a plethora of maritime options, as boating and fishing are an integral part of this Maine Coast gem.

Monhegan Island

Some places just call out to be explored. Monhegan Island is just such a place. Barely one square mile of rocky beauty, there are no paved roads or cars here. For centuries, those who call Monhegan home have made their living from the sea, with fishing and lobstering the predominant pastimes. Artists like Rockwell Kent (Blackhead, 1905) have painted its attributes, and explorers like John Smith have charted its contours. Today, visitors can ferry in, spend a day or two camping, and even check out the tiny but rewarding museum.

Places to Visit in Portland, Bangor, Acadia, Bar Harbor and the Maine Coast

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