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Romantic Vacation Getaways in Long Island, Hamptons, Montauk, Fire Island

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Long Island is among the most happening, bustling regions outside of New York City. It's a region full of eye candy, ear candy, and palate treats. It's a place to see and be seen, to pamper yourselves all night and then make it back invigorated to your hotel or bed and breakfast room. In short, Long Island is an ideal region to let it all hang out, romantic-style. No matter whether your object is a sweet honeymoon or a romantic getaway, you'll find all your desires fulfilled on a trip to Long Island.

These are but heightened in the company of your loved one: Giving in to the fantastic food at scores of great restaurants, spoiling your taste buds tasting glass after glass from the indigenous wine country, partying till the morning light at some happening clubs, going yachting in beautiful waters along the barrier islands. Just mention to the object of your affection, “the Hamptons,” and see his or her eyes light up in anticipation of glasses clinking and dance beats pumping.

Romantic Accommodations in Long Island, New York

Before the food, the wine, the clubbing and yachting, an elemental part of your romantic getaway lies in where to stay. A romantic favorite, with a 200-year history, is the Mill House Inn, in East Hampton. Each room bears its own motif, having to do with the sea mostly; the suites come decked with gas fireplaces and beautiful antiques, and modern amenities like LCD television sets and air baths. Just a short walk to a pretty swan pond and the vast misty ocean, you'll have plenty of opportunities to venture out with short walks or romantically-charged longer ones. East Hampton Beach is acclaimed as one of the most romantic in the country on account of all the ponds, estuaries, sand dunes, farmland, and open public greens.

Another great romantic idea is to book your honeymoon suite at Arbor View House, all the way out on the North Fork. This Victorian masterpiece has been renovated to create for you a home away from home, and the interior is awash with gentle but warm colors, furniture, and fabrics - the more to put you at ease. After they put you at ease, give yourselves over to a couples massage or aromatherapy bath at the in-house spa.

Romantic Dining in Long Island, New York

If you can't get enough of the Long Island wine, pick yourselves up and make for one of the many eateries - most good sit-down restaurants in the region offer pleasing wine lists, of the local make as well as from around the world. A choice you will not regret is a dinner for two at Hideaway Restaurant, on Fire Island overlooking the bay. The menu is stuffed to the gills with seafood and steaks. Try roasted halibut atop risotto specked with rock shrimp. Can't go wrong there.

For many, the ticket to romantic dining is the willingness to experiment. A Long Island favorite is Laverne Fusion, which bonds Japanese and French into an exquisite culinary experience. Eat sushi as an appetizer, then move on to Chilean sea bass, marinated in mustard, soy sauce, and onion dressing, and then oven roasted with honey. Presentation is held high at this establishment, so get ready to be impressed!

Romantic Excursions in Long Island, New York

One thing in Arbor View's favor is its close proximity to the many famous vineyards of Long Island. The ocean breeze, the misty mornings, the perfect temperatures - the grapes have the right idea, apparently, as they seem to prefer the same microclimate that we do when we're feeling “in the mood.” A round on the wine route is the perfect daytime activity surrounded on either side by the pampering of a good bed and breakfast.

If you're in the mood to try the goods from a winery on the up and up, with glowing reviews from nearly every winery expert and wine publication, head to Bedell Cellars. Bedell is famous for its Merlot, which is perhaps Long Island's signature variety. The winery's split mezzanine is perfect for sipping favorites, hand in hand; inside, the looming walls display the owner's art collection.

If you're searching for a cozy boutique, located in a converted old barn, with the tasting room overlooking the vines, well then look no further than Paumanok Vineyards. The master, Robert Parker, bequeathed 90 points or more to eight wines - see if you can get your hands on a bottle of 2004 Merlot Grand Vintage, or a 2003 Riesling Late Harvest. With the cozy atmosphere and surrounded by bottle after bottle of fine wine, it's the perfect place to proclaim your love.

After a hearty and romantic dinner, there's nothing like hitting the Hamptons' famous club scene. Dance until morning, try exquisite and innovative drinks, be seen hanging with the A-listers, at Pink Elephant Southampton or Cain Southampton - two satellites for the Beautiful People, the originals opening their doors in Chelsea. Famous D.J.s serve as masters of ceremony at these haunts, like D.J. Nadav and Roger Sanchez. If you leave Pink Elephant with your beau or dame wondering what it was that made you so loving, it might just be the pheromone-jetting scent machines. You DID feel something in the air ...

What can you do together during the daytime? Long Island is filled with activities for the romantically inclined. Rent or charter a yacht and skirt the shore - there's plenty to see. The romantic potential is overwhelming; from the North Shore's Gold Coast, viewing public, inhabited, and ruined mansions; to the oceanfront vineyards and fishing hamlets on the North Fork; to the evocative lighthouses including the flagship Montauk Lighthouse; to the barrier islands and sandy curvaceous beaches of the South Shore.

After you're finished touring these beautiful shore locales, there's one last thing to do: cap off your romantic getaway properly with a hot air balloon ride. See it all over again from the air, blowing with the wind you'll literally not feel yourselves moving. The rolling farmland, the charming fishing hamlets, the rivers and forests and beaches. Now's the time: As your eyes meet, floating over Fire Island, uncork the champagne and let the sparkling white wine flow like water.

Romantic Vacation Ideas in Long Island, the Hamptons, Montauk, Fire Island

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