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Behind-the-Scenes and Factory Tours in Las Vegas and the Nevada desert

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One of the world's most exciting vacation destinations, the Las Vegas region has something to offer every member of your travel party when it comes to behind-the-scenes and factory tours. From the mouthwatering tour of the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory to the popular and educational tour of the Hoover Dam, everyone from junior to grandpa will surely have a good time in the entertainment capital of the world.

Factory Tours in Las Vegas

Do you take vitamins every day? Ever wonder how they're made? Well, now you can find out at the National Vitamin Company.
On a tour of their new state-of-the-art factory you'll see the vitamin-making process firsthand and learn about the history of vitamin manufacturing. After the tour you can enjoy a vitamin-enhanced smoothie that'll give you a boost of energy perfect for going on some more factory tours in the region.

If you're into cars, Las Vegas has the factory for you: Shelby American Inc., home of the Cobra production facility. Witness the birth of a shiny new roadster as you take a free guided factory tour. Car fans will delight in seeing some of the company's older models, preserved for observation in the site's museum, alongside some new prototypes. You'll be amazed as the hodgepodge of auto parts comes together on assembly lines to create some fantastic road-worthy vehicles. Unfortunately, this factory tour does not come with a free sample.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Ron Lee's World of Clowns

Located in Henderson, Ron Lee's World of Clowns is a fascinating gallery of limited-edition clown figurines. Ron is there personally every day to meet and greet visitors, as you observe the manufacturing process. Some sculptures are also available for purchase - if you're interested in owning a piece of his collection go ahead and try to strike a deal with Ron yourself after the free behind-the-scenes guided tour.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Nevada Test Site

You can't get much further behind the scenes than this tour! Encompassing an area larger than the state of Rhode Island, the Nevada Test Site, located about 60 miles north of Las Vegas, is one of the most restricted-access areas in the United States. Visitors to the site can see firsthand many relics remaining from nuclear weapons tests, rocket experiments, and other energy-related programs. As the tours are offered approximately just once a month, it's important to plan accordingly if you want to go on this free behind-the-scenes tour. Also, be advised that you'll be spending the better part of a day touring the immense site, as tours depart at 7:30 a.m. and only return at about 4 p.m. (so don't forget to pack a lunch).

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Hoover Dam

Located about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas in Boulder City, on the Arizona-Nevada border, the Hoover Dam tour has attracted millions and millions of visitors since it opened about 70 years ago. At the time, it was the most massive structure ever built; today it helps provide drinking water to Las Vegas and electricity to Los Angeles. During the guided tour you'll cross the border between the Pacific and Mountain time zones and get acquainted with plenty of cool facts about the dam, which has created Lake Mead by damming the Colorado River.

Behind-the-scenes and factory tours are typically family-friendly activities good for a short and interesting diversion from a region's mainstream tourist activities. Generally inexpensive, visitors are often given complimentary tastes and samples, like the delicious delicacies served up at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. Note that some tours have irregular hours and admission restrictions. Click on the individual icons for more practical information.

Behind-the-Scenes and Factory Tours in Las Vegas, Lake Mead and the Nevada desert

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