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New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado Getaways

The homeland of the present day Navajo, Hopi, and Ute Indians and of the ancient ancestral Puebloans. Millions of years of geological activity have created a desolate terrain of mesas and canyons. For travelers, it's an area of history, archeology, solitude, and backcountry activities. It is here that you can spot where your favorite Western or cigarette commercial was filmed. Be the first on your block to take a Four Corners road trip.

Four Corners and Durango Getaways

You don't generally think of standing as a tourist attraction, but at the meeting spot of Arizona, , New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, that's exactly what tourists line up to do.
The Four Corners is the only spot in the U.S. where you can literally have a different limb in a different state. Of course, if you head all the way to this region simply to stand, you'll get bored pretty quickly—fortunately the entire region is loaded with gorgeous natural sites for you to explore and enjoy.

A good place to start your exploration of the region is in Durango, Colorado. In the winter, this area offers excellent skiing, and in the summer the mountains and forests are bursting with greenery and life. Located on the edge of the San Juan National Forest, you'll have no trouble finding places to camp, scenic drives, and lovely day hikes.

As you make your way over to the meeting point of the four states, drive via Cortez, Colorado. This quaint town will give you a nice resting place and give you access to points of interest like the Mesa Verde National Park and the Yucca House National Monument. The latter is an ancient Puebloan village that now serves as a historical tourist attraction—a great getaway for tourists interested in Native American history, natural scenery, and wildlife.

New Mexico and Arizona Tourist Attractions

Once you make your way to the center of the region (the Four Corners meeting point itself), you'll have to choose which direction to head out to next. If you're looking for a larger city, you'll want to head towards New Mexico, to Farmington. There you'll find nice accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and museums, including the Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village and the Aztec Ruins National Monument.

As you travel through this region you'll see how ancient Native American life has left an indelible mark on modern culture. Visiting Indian reservations is a popular tourist attraction in New Mexico.

Before heading west into Arizona, leave some time to hit the tourist attractions of western New Mexico. The city of Gallup, also known as "Indian America" will provide a perfect example of how Native American life has influenced modern culture. The city is surrounded by red-rock canyons and deserts, making the area perfect for hiking and horseback riding. As you travel into the actual city, you'll encounter flea markets, galleries, and fantastic murals. Much of the art and jewelry sold in and around Gallup are infused with Native American style. The restaurants serve classis southwestern food—try blue corn cereal and breakfast tacos at any time of day!

Cross into Arizona and head north a little bit and you'll hit the famous Canyon De Chelly National Monument (pronounced Canyon De Shay). Though not as magnificent as the nearby Grand Canyon, Canyon De Chelly does not lack in impressiveness, especially its 800-foot rock towers, Spider Rock and White House Ruins. Going on a jeep tour or by horseback are the best ways to experience this vast canyon.

Utah and Colorado Tourist Attractions

It's time to head back up north to continue your circuit around the Four Corners region. As you cross into Utah you'll notice how the red rocks around you seem to glow in the sunlight, getting brighter and more colorful as the sun begins to set. We hope you like those colorful rocks around you, because you're about to encounter a park that's splashed with all the colors of the rainbow in its magnificent rock monuments. Welcome to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, one of the most photographed places on earth. The red rock, the sandstone, and the bright blue sky join together to create the most picturesque and dramatic of scenes, especially when some of the colorful monuments stretch 1,000 feet into the sky!

Still haven't satisfied the dare devil in you? Go rock climbing in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area or go white water rafting down Utah's San Juan River, a popular Utah tourist attraction.

You've almost come full circle—head east from Utah and cross into Colorado at the Hovenweep National Monument. Here's you'll receive another opportunity to experience the world of prehistoric Puebloan villages, surrounded by majestic rocky canyons and sapphire skies. By this point in your travels, you should be an expert in ancient Native American culture, and in how that culture has influenced modern America.

Four Corners - UT, CO, NM, AZ Road Trip Getaway Planner

Get a good map of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado Four Corners region, rent an all-terrain vehicle and prepare to rough it. At least one week is recommended to experience the various facets of the Four Corners region.

Google is smart enough to send you to this page if you were looking for Durango, New Mexico or Durango, Utah, but for the record - Durango is in Colorado. You knew that, right?