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Eastern Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions

Philadelphia is well-known for its historic sites and has a fine selection of cultural and family attractions. The Pennsylvania Dutch area retains its unique, serene flavor despite heavy tourism in the area. The rural Pocono area is all about resorts and outdoor recreation. The three areas together can provide families, couples, and singles with an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun—all within the Eastern Pennsylvania region!

Philadelphia Tourist Attractions

Philadelphia is a city bursting from the seams with culture, history, shopping, fine dining, and family-fun activities.
From the Liberty Bell to Eckley Miner's Village to Valley Forge National Historical Park, you can be sure that history buffs will get their fill. Culture lovers will feel at home in Philly's museum circuit, including the following The National Canal Museum, the Rockwood Museum, Village of Arts and Humanities, the James A. Michener Art Museum, and the Mary Merritt Doll Museum. The latter museum will be of interest to children as well as adults, as will the Houdini Museum up in Wilkes Barre and the Old Jail Museum in Hazelton.

Interested in more family-fun tourist attractions? Well in Philadelphia there's no shortage. If you've got a crew of animal lovers, you won't want to miss the Philadelphia Zoo or the unique Insectarium. Theme park enthusiasts will have their pick as well—there's Sesame Place for younger children, neighboring Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom and Terry Hill Water Park are great for older kids, and children and families of all ages won't be able to say no to Hershey Park, chocolate lover's paradise!

Still have a burst of energy? Go active by tackling an indoor rock climbing wall like Philly's Go Vertical or Philadelphia Rock Gym, or go conquer the great outdoors: Just south of Philadelphia is Fort Delaware State Park, and just north of the big city is Lehigh River Whitewater Rafting. The area is also home to many ski resorts, including Spring Mountain Ski Resort and Big Boulder Ski Resort Area.

Did we mention that Eastern Pennsylvania is also ideal for wine lovers? Within a short distance from Philadelphia you can visit at least seven local wineries, including Chaddsford Winery, Va La Winery & Vineyards, Twinbrook Winery, and Manatawny Creek Winery.

Like to shop? Four words for you: King of Prussia Mall.

Philadelphia Vacation Spots

There are many popular, as well as less well known vacation spots scattered throughout the city of Philadelphia and in its surrounding areas. For example, the Pennsylvania Dutch region is a great spot for your family to explore. The area is laden with homemade pretzels, handcrafted quilts, and a cultural, eye-opening experience about how the Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish people live today and how they have lived for centuries.

Another fun vacation spot, a little off the beaten path, is a trip to Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The town is named for William Doyle who opened the first inn in the area in the 18th century. Since then the village has become a center for hospitality just outside Philadelphia. Enjoy shopping, dining, museum hopping, and more!

It turns out that many people have trouble spelling the name of the places so important in US history. The most common errors are - Philidelphia, Philadephia, Pennslyvania, Pensylvania. Just say Philly if spelling is not your strong point.

Hershey and Pocono Tourist Attractions

The Poconos have become synonymous with “vacation.” A popular mountain getaway, the Pocono Mountains offer a haven for relaxing on the one hand and actively exploring the beauty of the region on the other. Lake Harmony, located at the heart of the Poconos, is a prime spot for swimming or boating and offers beautiful picnic spots during sunrise, sunset, and any time in between. The area also offers skiing, rafting, hiking, fishing, bird watching, and camping.

Further south, the Hershey Tourist attractions draw families from much of the east coast of the United States.

The Pocono Tourist Attractions are situated conveniently a few hours drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania making the area the retreat of choice for many city dwellers who need a quick change of scenery from tall buildings and smog to tall mountains, greenery, and loads of fresh air.

Poconos and Eastern Pennsylvania Vacation Spots

Spend a couple days in Philadelphia and another 2-4 days touring the surrounding areas. The Poconos and Eastern Pennsylvania region offers tourists from all over the world with a slice of Americana—diversity, history, culture, fun, and relaxation. Our recommendation of a few days is conservative; to truly experience the richness of this area, you'd have to stay forever!

You can't be in this area without a Philadelphia to Hershey road trip. Use the map of Pennsylvania for directions.

Tourist Attractions and Highlights in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Poconos, Eastern Pennsylvania

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