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Factory Tours in Eastern Rockies, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder

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The eastern Colorado and Wyoming Rockies region is fueled by (among other things) a booming beer-making industry. Visitors can get an up-close look at the industry by taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the region's breweries. If that isn't your cup of tea, pay a visit to the Celestial Seasonings factory for a different kind of brew. Aside from beverages, the region has some fantastic sports stadiums that visitors can tour. And if money's more your thing, you're in the right place, with Denver's U.S. Mint to tour as well as an active gold mine.

Behind-the-scenes and factory tours are typically family-friendly activities good for a short and interesting diversion from a region's mainstream tourist activities. Generally inexpensive, visitors are often given free tastes and samples, like at Hammond's Candies in Denver. Note that some tours have irregular hours and admission restrictions. Click on the individual icons for more practical information.

Brewery Tours in the Eastern Colorado and Wyoming Rockies

Where better to learn about beer than at the Coors Brewing Company or the Great Divide Brewing Company? Guests over legal drinking age can sample some frothy, ice-cold liquid on the house at both establishments before they “head” out on the factory tours. While also welcome on the tours, people under 21 will have to make do with a soft drink instead.

In the northern area of the region, you can also get a feel for beer at the Anheuser Busch plant in Fort Collins. In addition to the tour and free beer samples, visiting this factory gives you a chance to catch a glimpse of the Budweiser Clydesdales in their home. If you're underage, however, you'll have to make do with a non-alcoholic beverage.

Factory and Behind-the-Scenes Tours in Denver, Colorado

Coloradans love their sports, and you can get into the game by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the capital city's stadiums. Football fans will delight in touring INVESCO Field at Mile High, where the Denver Broncos play their home games. And if you ever wanted to know how quickly a stadium floor can convert from wood to ice, make your way over to the Pepsi Center, where you can tour the site of Denver Nuggets (basketball) and Colorado Avalanche (hockey) home games.

And who doesn't love money? Millions and millions of dollars are on display at Denver's U.S. Mint, where you can witness the riveting coin manufacturing process. Unfortunately you won't be provided with free samples at any point on the tour.

Factory Tours Outside of Denver, Colorado

Relive the Gold Rush in Idaho Springs at the Phoenix Gold Mine, where during the tour you can pan for gold. For a few minutes, you can become a group of Old West pioneers attempting to strike it rich. If you're lucky enough to find a nugget or a flake, finders keepers.

If you happen to be in the Colorado Springs area and have a few minutes to spare, visit the Van Briggle Pottery. One of the oldest potteries in the U.S., a tour of the facilities will enhance your appreciation for hand-crafted items and ceramic works, and you'll have the chance to take a meaningful, quality souvenir home to boot.

Behind-the-Scenes and Factory Tours in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Cheyenne Wyoming and the Eastern Rockies

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