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Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts & RI Tourist Attractions

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Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts Vacation Spots

History and architecture are well preserved and appreciated in Boston, Newport, Mystic, and all points in between. The area is also a driving cultural and intellectual force, a sort of mecca for college students with burgeoning minds and a genuine interest to do it all and see it, an attitude that influences the locals and visitors who cross their paths. Such culture is represented by the plethora of museums, galleries, theaters, and sports arenas.

The region also has a rich maritime tradition and today's visitors take advantage of the clear blue waters by sailing, fishing, and exploring the area's many beaches.

This area seems to have preserved the English concept of the seaside resort and is dotted by little beach towns that are flocked to during nice weather. These popular coastal getaways are very different from the booming urban shores of Miami Beach or Los Angeles; rather, they are more quaint, more refine, more…New England.

That's not to say that these coastal areas don't offer their fair share of fun and entertainment. On the contrary—the seaside shores of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are teeming with life: music festivals, art fairs, dance and drama troupes, and all the water activities your heart may desire. For example, there's the Water Wizz Waterpark, the Cape Cod Factory Outlet Mall, the New Bedford Buttonwood Park Zoo, and other fun family-friendly activities. But even these are filled with New England charm.

Of particular interest to those seeking a coastal getaway are the classy and fun areas of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, including Nantucket and Hyannis. At these prime tourist destinations you'll experience the vacation life of the rich and famous as only a New England seashore could offer. There are distinctly New England style inns, spas, restaurants, golf courses, wineries, and bars that are packed with vacationing couples and families during the summer months. You can't really go wrong with the Cape Cod and Newport Vacation Spots.

The Native American Massachusett tribe adopted their name from a description of a great hill. The founding fathers liked that name enough to name the whole state after the tribe. Or maybe, they just wanted to make sure that no one would be able to spell the state name right. The most common misspellings are Massachussetts, Massachusets and Massachussets. Not to be outdone, their neighbors to the south named their state after a word meaning "beside the long tidal river". Some people think the state name of Connecticut is not long enough and add an extra "T" at the end, getting to Connecticutt. We suggest using MA and CT instead. Google and the USPS understand that just fine.

Boston, Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

If you're heading to the Boston area then you're most probably interested in history. Explore our nation's beginnings by heading to Plymouth Rock (the location where the pilgrims first landed their ships), the site of the Boston Tea Party, nearby historic Lexington, and numerous other sites where monumental events took place. Battlefields, cemeteries, historic landmarks, and buildings that date back to the 18th century will greet you as you stroll down the streets of downtown Boston.

Boston neighborhoods are culturally diverse and therefore fun to explore as well. Consider going on a culinary tour of the area. Visit an Irish pub in the North End, some dim sum in Chinatown, some classic New England chowder at Great Bay near Kenmore Square (where you can also catch a Sox game at nearby Fenway Park), and some homemade ice cream at J.P. Licks on Newbury Street.

Speaking of which, a walk down Newbury Street is a great way to take in some prime Boston landmarks. Sites you'll see on Newbury or just around it include the John Hancock Tower, the Prudential Center (and mall), Copley Square, the historic Boston Public Library, and then finally the Boston Common, the largest, most beautiful park in the area. Got the point? Take the Family on vacation in Massachusetts. To Boston and beyond. For a long weekend, check out the Maine Coast Road Trip Planner

Newport and Rhode Island Tourist Attractions

Welcome to another quaint New England seaside area! The city of Newport is considered one of Rhode Island's main attractions. Located on Rhode Island's southern coast, Newport extends from Watch Hill Cove to the bay by Narragansett. All along the shore you'll find endless areas to swim, fish, and, most of all, sail. In fact, the whole state of Rhode Island is famous for its stunning sailing conditions.

Cycling is another favorite pastime on Rhode Island. Endless bike paths meander through wooded areas and beaches. Particularly in the autumn when the leaves of Rhode Island turn a breathtaking golden orange, you'll likely see native Rhode Islanders and tourists alike taking to the tree shaded trails either by foot or on wheels. In Providence alone there are three national parks known for their fall-induced beauty: Goddard Memorial State Park, Colt State Park, and Beavertail State Park.

Connecticut Tourist Attractions

Still New England and still loaded with New England charm, a visit to some of Connecticut port cities will round out your vacation to the splendid New England shore. A particularly fun tourist attraction is the old New England port in New London. The area is host to water activities (including fishing and boating), museums and galleries (including the Lyman Allyn Art Museum and the 1827 Mohegan Church and Tantaquidgeon Museum), vineyards (Stonington Vineyards, for example), and some indoor drama at Ollie's Rock Gym. It's also just a boat ride away from Rhode Island's Block Island, another great family getaway.

Heading a few miles north of New London you'll find some of the world's largest casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. These tourist spots are not just for gambling, but offer gigantic facilities that include lodging, dining, spa-ing, shopping, and more. Many New Yorkers skip the Atlantic City Attractionsand head to the Connecticut casinos.

When you have had your fill of casinos and quaint New England, head into “The City” for a Manhattan family vacation.

Cape Cod and Newport Vacation Spots

Take two days for Boston and another for the surrounding areas. Don't miss the Cape Cod and Newport vacation spots. A day each in the Newport and Mystic vicinity is worthwhile, too. Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard are THE places to relax for a few days. You don't need a car in Boston, but you might want one for a Boston to Newport road trip. Looking for a good map of Cape Cod? Stop off at the Welcome Center in Hyannis and head down the “Highway” (Route 6A) for the most popular Cape Cod Scenic Drive.

For some reason, possible the small size of these states, there is some confusion over what goes where. So, here goes: There is no Cape Cod, Rhode Island and no Newport, Massachusetts. It is the other way around. And, although it's a short drive from Rhode Island, Newport is not in Connecticut, either.

Tourist Attractions and Highlights in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Coastal MA and RI

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