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Snorkeling in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Coastal MA and RI

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A wide variety of sea life, interesting topography, and wrecked ships at shallow depths make coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island a good region for snorkeling. During the summer season, which lasts from May through October, the waters can be crowded, so some prefer to come in the spring or fall. There are spots for both the novice and experienced snorkeler, and equipment can be rented at dive shops in any of the larger towns in the area.

Snorkeling around Boston, Massachusetts

Typical of the snorkeling sites are two located on Cape Ann: Folly Cove and Loblolly Cove.
Folly Cove is one of the finer dives on Cape Ann, due to the accessibility of a spectacular wall just outside the cove and its wide variety of marine life. Loblolly Cove is a popular spot for training classes because of its shallow depths and abundance of shallow-water marine life. Both spots, however, lack parking next to the site, so be prepared for a 10-20 minute hike.

Snorkeling in Rhode Island

Ship captains may have cursed the numerous reefs, ledges and rock formations lying hidden beneath the ocean surface, which made docking in southern Rhode Island so treacherous. Snorkelers, on the other hand, flock to the region for these very reasons. Newport's many small protected inlets, which dot the shoreline, provide superb snorkeling and visibility. Block Island, located 12 miles south of Rhode Island, is another favorite place for snorkelers. It may be small, but there happen to be a number of shipwrecks visible by snorkel, a short boat trip from the island's shore.

Snorkeling Spots in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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