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Indoor Rock Climbing in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Coastal MA and RI

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Indoor Rock Climbing in Connecticut and Rhode Island

These two states offer multiple sites for indoor rock climbing. Climbing walls in Connecticut and Rhode Island offers locals and visitors an opportunity to try their hand (and foot) at the invigorating art of rock climbing. It's harder than it looks, we can assure you of that. Make sure you bring an openness to try new things, a good pair of sneakers, and that you leave your fear of heights at home! Though even if you are afraid of heights, you'll probably still be able to find a route that's perfect for you.
After all, most of the rock gyms cater their wall routes to different levels, from children at the beginner level to adult expert climbers.

Rock Climbing Cape Cod

Visiting Cape Cod? Your trip won't be complete without visiting one of Cape Cod's climbing gyms. You can't spend the entire day on the beach (especially when it's cold out) and there's no better compliment to beach bumming than boosting your energy levels and working those muscles at a local rock gym. Infused with New England flavor, your climbing in Cape Cod will be bursting with friendliness, as well as with full safety measures. You'll get all the safety equipment you need to ensure that your climbing experience is safe; and you'll also get guidance and instruction.

Indoor Rock Climbing Boston, MA

Looking for an affordable way to spend an afternoon? Consider visiting one of the indoor rock climbing walls in Boston, MA. You'll have an opportunity to workout, learn some new skills, and have a ton of fun, without spending more than you'd pay for dinner and a movie at your local mall. Which sounds more appealing to you—visiting your mall for the millionth time this month or hanging out with friends (or a date?) at a rock climbing gym? Show off, impress your friends, see some professional climbers practice, and sing Happy Birthday to a kid having a party—all under one roof!

Climbing Walls in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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Carabiner's Climbing wall
Exxcel Gym
Gordon College Rock Gym
Gravity Rock Gym
Ollie's Rock Gym
Rhode Island Rock Gym - Lincoln
Rhode Island Rock Gym - Pawtucket
The YMCA of Greater New Bedford
Willy's Gym