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Cool and Fun Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts & Newport, Rhode Island

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Fun Things to Do in Boston, MA

If you want a different experience in Beantown, one that you can take home to family and friends as way more unique than the standard fare, put together for yourself a literary tour of all the literary treasures in the city. There are lots. Above all, pay a visit to the Boston Public Library, where they have stored historical documents hundreds to thousands of years old. But more than that, seek out landmarks related to all the famous authors that have lived in the city: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louise May Alcott, Edith Wharton, Julia Ward Howe, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, among others.
Head out to Mount Auburn Cemetery, a fascinating place in its own right, and find the tombs of famous authors and other famous people.

Still in tour-mode? Follow your literary tour with a tour of a different sort: a brewery tour. Jamaica Plain hosts the Samuel Adams Brewery, while the Harpoon Brewery is found on Northern Avenue, where you'll also find the yearly Octoberfest festival.

Other fun things you won't want to miss out on include skating at Frog Post, a rink in Boston Common that attracts adults and children alike (especially when kids under 13 skate free), visiting local farmers markets, enjoying outdoor cafes, and having some fun in the sun by the Charles River.

Cool Things to Do around Boston, Massachusetts - Whale Watching

Whaling was once an integral part of the New England economy, but today whale watching has replaced whale hunting. Cruise operators set sail from just about anywhere there's water and a pier, but Cape Ann is especially noted for its whale-watching tours. In addition to whales, you also get the chance to spy on lots of seabirds.

Finally, on Martha's Vineyard, many people consider star-gazing to be the main nighttime attraction. Go find an isolated spot and take advantage of the clear air and lack of light pollution.

Fun Things to Do in Newport, RI

Not too far from Boston you'll find the lovely, quaint, and fun city of Newport, Rhode Island. A coastal town, some people believe Newport is best observed from above—for a fun adventure, sign up for a helicopter ride that gives you an intimate bird's eye view of Newport.

For another perspective on Newport's stunning view, go for a fun family trek along the Newport Cliff Walk—here you'll get a view of the water, the city, the rugged rocks, and interesting people all in one afternoon's journey!

Fun Attractions in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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