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Factory Tours in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Coastal MA and RI

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Evidence of the colonial history of coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island is practically ubiquitous. In fact, the region's history is so ever-present that it can still be seen in the logo of one of the favorite local beers, none other than Sam Adams. Other active factories in the region, like the Pairpoint Glass Company, were founded as far back as the early-1800s. And don't miss tours of the region's wineries, including Stonington Vineyards in Connecticut and Newport Vineyards in Rhode Island.

Factory Tours around Boston, Massachusetts

Have fun showing your national pride on a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery, in Boston.
Witness firsthand the brewing process that creates a one-of-a-kind product, whose recipe was first developed in 1860. While enjoying some free beer you also have the chance to learn about Sam Adams, a true patriot (and cousin of John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President) who lived at the time of the American Revolution.

Also located in Boston is the National Braille Press, responsible for translating reams and reams of books and other publications into Braille. Taking a guided tour of the facilities will help you both appreciate the world of visually-impaired people as well as the process by which products are made to help them overcome their impediments.

Factory Tours in Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket

Nothing makes your mouth water more than the site of the white bag with a lighthouse and seagull on it. We're referring to a bag of succulent, salty potato chips from the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory, in Hyannis, Massachusetts, of course. The factory also produces pretzels, popcorn, and tortilla chips that, after taking the free, 30-minute factory tour, you'll be itching to try yourself.

Factory Tour of Vanguard Sailboats

As you visit the coastal area of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, you may get the impression that everyone owns a sailboat. They even pass you on the road, being towed on the Interstate highways. Out in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, you can cast take a factory tour of Vanguard Sailboats, the next best thing to actually hoisting your sail in Narragansett Bay. On this free tour you can learn about the art and science of boat building, from design to construction.

Behind-the-scenes and factory tours are typically family-friendly activities good for a short and interesting diversion from a region's mainstream tourist activities. Generally inexpensive, visitors are often given complimentary tastes and samples, like some tasty treats at Harbor Sweets, in Salem, Massachusetts. Note that some tours have irregular hours and admission restrictions. Click on the individual icons for more practical information.

Behind-the-Scenes and Factory Tours in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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