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Spa life in upstate New York is thriving, with health and fitness as integral components to the spa culture. In addition to relaxation and therapeutic massages, the spas in the Catskills/Hudson Valley region offer a refuge for centeredness and holistic healing. The body is viewed as a unique and complete system, not simply as a collection of unrelated body parts that need soothing.

You'll find holistic healing at its very best at upstate spas like the New Age Health Spa, the Omega Institute, the Vatra Mountain Valley Health Resort & Spa, and the Sanivan Holistic Retreat and Spa.
With caring staff, organic food (mostly), active activities, and spa treatments that cater to the body and mind, these spas will open your eyes up to a world of intense relaxation that's also combined with meaning.

Fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery are also key ingredients to the Catskills/Hudson Valley spa life. There's no better way to complement indoor spa treatments than with going outside and continuing body/mind treatment in the great outdoors. In this way, balance is further achieved, as is peace of mind and care of the body.

Classic European-style spas are also available in New York's beautiful mountain region, like the Emerson Resort & Spa, the Copperhood Inn and Spa, and the Mohonk Mountain House Resort & Spa.

Yoga is offered at most of the upstate New York spas, but if true yoga immersion is what you are seeking, then the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch is for you. Epitomizing the region's standards for health and fitness, the ashram guides guests towards balance, relaxation, and education, in a comfortable and rejuvenating environment.

Spas in Woodstock, Cooperstown, New Paltz, Catskills and Hudson Valley

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