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Romantic Catskill and Hudson Valley Getaways, Hotels and Dining in the Catskills

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Romantic Catskill Getaways

Something's right when one of the best U.S. regions for a romantic weekend getaway is just a half hour or so away from New York City. The compact river, valley, and mountain region that is the Hudson Valley and the Catskills includes the best of Upstate New York, with extra doses of lover-attuned river culture and nature. Sleepy bed and breakfasts fill the countryside, there are two fantastic wine trails, beautiful waterfalls and scenic views, and cruises that ride up and down the scenic Hudson River.

Romantic Hotels in the Catskills

The bed and breakfasts in the Hudson Valley are mostly in the Colonial style, and this is most exemplified by stately Crabtree's Kittle House Restaurant and Inn. This 1790-era residence, originally a barn, was a roadhouse during Prohibition, as well as a playhouse that helped launch the career of Henry Fonda in the 1940s. Today the bed and breakfast is completely restored, with period artwork scattered throughout the halls, dining rooms, and private quarters.

Some of the East's most scenic landscapes and views, of mountains, valleys, and the Hudson, await you in the Catskills. Staying at a bed and breakfast or inn in these mountains is particularly favorable for romance. The look is a rustic approach to Victorian. A wonderful weekend with no worries is in store for the couple that stays at Fairlawn Inn. An ideal romantic weekend is yours if you choose to stay in the corner turret with the wraparound porch. Ask for a room with an oversized claw-foot bathtub. Fairlawn is the perfect lodging for a weekend or honeymoon getaway in the mountains.

Lazy Meadow, in the heart of the Catskills, is another great choice. Think 1950s retro with a psychedelic touch; think - the B-52s! Believe it: Kate Pierson, the lead singer of the 80s pop group, created a bed and breakfast that quintessentially captures the 1950s and 1960s in all their kitsch and psychedelics. She lovingly combed through all the area's antique and junk stores, and placed her creation smack in the middle of the rustic and sleepy Catskills town of Mount Tremper. An enigma? Perhaps. A scene for romance? It's a love shack, baby!

Romantic Hotels in the Hudson Valley

There's an inundation of castles in the Valley, often going back hundreds of years. One of these, the looming Castle on the Hudson, was recently converted into a hotel. How's that for a unique romantic idea? Take your loved one on a medieval-themed, royal getaway along the Hudson River. Be treated like a duchess and a duke! The décor is colored by a devotion to the romantic, and you can see this at every turn: wood-burning fireplaces in the tower suites, canopy beds, dark lighting, lovely ambiance, and more.

Romantic Getaway in the Catskills - Dining

Castle on the Hudson boasts one of the East's most acclaimed restaurants, Equus. Entrées include such indulgences as roast Moroccan-spiced rack of lamb for one or two, while desserts include beauties like the Chocolate Royale Belgium Torte. Is the chocolate the aphrodisiac or the entire atmosphere of the place, set in halls like the Garden Room or the Tapestry Room? The restaurant's wine list is also extraordinary, specializing in 350 different wines from all of the world's most celebrated wine regions. The chefs and hosts will ensure for you a most sensuous dining experience - the rest is up to you.

You've eaten French, you love French, French food is undeniably romance-inducing. Ready for a new twist? In the long roadside Catskills mountain-town of Shandaken, hosts of French expats have set up shop, conscientiously recreating the rolling French countryside. The fruit of their labor: a number of bed and breakfasts and top-notch French restaurants, specializing in seafood while using the lush produce of the river-nourished Hudson Valley. A peek at their menus reveals swordfish with green peppercorn sauce, wild roasted boar with lemon garlic sauce, venison, and other mouth-watering favorites.

Hudson Valley Getaways

There are lots of fun food festivals in the region that can be good springboards for a romantic moment. There's the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest and the Annual Taste of New Paltz, to name two. For the romantically daring, don't miss the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Just make sure to have some breath mints at the ready.

Romantic Things to do in the Catskills and Hudson Valley

In addition to the festivals, the Catskills and Hudson Valley region offers many activities for the in-love crowd. Will gorgeous views of cliffs and the river send your hearts aflutter? The region numbers these aplenty. Take beautiful mountain roads to the site of the bygone Catskill Mountain House, for nothing less than the most awe-inspiring views of the Catskill Escarpment and the Hudson River. Twin lakes grace the scene as well, for boating and more quiet togetherness.

If you're up to a little hiking you can take a trip to Kaaterskill Falls, which, from top to bottom is taller than Niagara! It's this scene that was immortalized by various painters of the Hudson River School, and you can tell the site's long been a meeting site for lovers by peering at the graffiti carved on the rocks going back to the early 19th century. The word “love” and the heart symbol are the most common motifs.

Romantic Things to do in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson is a wide estuary of a river, surrounded on either side by tall tree-covered cliffs. What better way to spend an afternoon together than on a cruise on the Hudson? Embark in one city and disembark at another down or upstream; see if you can pass the haunting and abandoned Bannerman Castle for an added touch.

Wherever you go in the Catskills and Hudson Valley region, the Hudson River isn't far behind. The river is the scene for a vitality that's been going strong for hundreds of years. Come for an afternoon, a long weekend, or a longer and more fulfilling getaway. Let the river be your guide, a master of ceremonies of sorts, who's intimately connected to the region's every nook and cranny, and knows just what the region's good for: romance - of course.

Romantic Vacation Ideas in Woodstock, Cooperstown, New Paltz, Catskills and Hudson Valley

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