Cool and Fun Things to Do in New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

Fun Things to Do in New England

Looking for fun things to do? You've come to the right place. New England, famous for its rich history, culture, and political atmosphere, is also one of the most fun places in the United States to visit. Maybe it's that huge duck bus that turns into a boat in Boston. Or maybe it's Martha's Vineyard—an always hopping, yet always serene vacation spot. Or maybe it’s the throngs of college students that fill the New England bar scene, year-round, begging the bar owners to stay open past midnight.

Some of our favorite fun things to do in New England, in Boston in particular, include walking the Freedom Trail, rowing down the Charles River, shopping on Newbury Street, enjoying a free show in Boston Common, and taking the elevator up to the top of the Prudential Building for a bird's eye (almost) view of this spectacular city.

Visiting New England with your family? Consider checking out the area's zoos and aquariums, as well as various indoor rock climbing walls, children's museums, historical reenactment performances.

Cool and Fun Things to Do in New Hampshire and Vermont

It's not hard to find cool and fun things to do in New Hampshire and Vermont—two states that pride themselves on offering playground-like outdoor adventures. In other words, kids, moms, dads, college kids, grandparents, singles, and couples will have no trouble finding an outdoor activity to suit their style. In the winter (and through much of the year, up in the mountains) there are more ski slopes than you'll know what to do with, opportunities for snow shoeing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. And in the summer time you'll find sparkling lakes and rivers, perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing.

There are cool museums in New Hampshire and Vermont—sure you have your ordinary art museums and science museums, but you also get cool aviation museums (with simulated flights), Native American crafts museums, and world-class children's museums.

Here's something cool to do in Vermont—and we mean cool as in chilly and cool as in fun. Visit the Ben & Jerry's factory! Here you'll tour the factory, get free tastes, and have an opportunity to buy the biggest ice cream sundae you've ever seen (multiple spoons included) at the scoop shop. The factory is located in a farm-filled area, so after your bellies are filled with some of the best stuff on earth, explore the area on foot for a while to burn some calories before hitting the road again.

Best Things to Do in Connecticut and New England

Connecticut's coast is a highly untapped resource when it comes to planning a fun vacation in New England. In fact, beach hopping along the Connecticut coast is one of the best things to do in Connecticut and New England. Spend a few days relaxing at a Connecticut coast B and B and wake up to the smell of the ocean and the chirping of the seagulls in the morning. Spend the day chilling on the beach, looking out at the water ahead, dotted with islands that actually belong to New York.

The Rhode Island coast, located just above the Connecticut Coast is, in some places, not just fun, but glamorous. Here's where you'll wish you owned your own sailboat or yacht. Charter a boat at the Newport dock and enjoy a day at sea, with the quaint Newport cityscape behind you.
Cool and Fun Things to Do in Burlington, Stowe, Rutland and the New Hampshire and Vermont Mountains Cool and Fun Things to Do in Burlington, Stowe, Rutland and the New Hampshire and Vermont Mountains
Whale Watching in New Hampshire New Hampshire has definitely taken advantage of its short shoreline. At Rye Harbor you can arrange a half-day whale watching tour in the Atlantic Ocean.
Cool and Fun Things to Do in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island Cool and Fun Things to Do in Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island
If you want a different experience in Beantown, one that you can take home to family and friends as way more unique than the standard fare, put together for yourself a literary tour of all the literary treasures in the city.

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